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Seventh-day Adventists are Bible-believing Christians who base their faith, hope and future in Jesus Christ and his soon return

What To Expect

Come worship with us at our various worship sessions.

Sabbath School

Sabbath School is one of the most important learning opportunities for everyone. Every Saturday mornings at 9:30am, the Campus comes alive with members and friends joining in worship. It is here that we get to know God and his plan for our lives through study and sharing of insights.

Divine Service

This the time of worship and praise to Jesus Christ. Typically it starts at 11:00am on Saturdays and it’s the time where we can unite together, gather strength from the Word of God and learn more about God. If you could not make it for our 9:30 Sabbath School be sure to come listen to God’s word at 11:00am.

Adventist Youth

This service focuses on the training of the youth for God's service. The youth department may hold various programs such as concerts, plays and other interactive and fun sessions.

Sunday Evening Worship

Our Sunday evening services is an evangelical experience. Occasionally, we go out into the community providing Open air (public services) within our community.

Wednesday Evening Worship

Campus life can be fun, but the rigors of study and work, a spiritual recharge of often needed. This is a special time for most members as the focus of this service is prayer. Come join us for prayer or contact us with your prayer request. We would be happy to lift up your name and need in prayer.

Get Involved

As a vibrant church community, there are several departments and groups where you can serve in the University Church. If you would like to be a part of one the ministries of our church, please contact us for more information.

Men's Ministries

Men's ministries aim to engage the men in our church in spiritual activities, and gearing towards the community as well, thus becoming closer to each another and to fulfill their God given responsibilities. 

 Women's Ministries

Our Women's Ministries goal is to help women reach their full potential in Christ. This can be done in a variety of ways, for example through seminars and other social events.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry aims to create an environment where young people are taught to develop and maintain a relationship with Christ. Adventist Youth and our Uniform Clubs encourage our youth to maintain standards of Christian Excellence.

Children Ministries

Each Sabbath (Saturday) morning, Sabbath schools for each age group welcome children to an hour of active learning geared to their stage of faith development. These classes provide faith-shaping experiences for newborns through adolescents.

Family Ministries

Family Ministries focuses on people in relationship. It is concerned with the needs of married couples, parents and children, the family needs of singles and all members of the wider family circle as they pass through life's predictable stages and contend with unexpected changes in their lives.

Health Ministries

Heath Ministries is not only about assisting our members with living healthier, happier lives; it is also about reaching out to the surrounding community. From demonstrating healthy principles at our various Sabbath lunches to offering seminars on smoking cessation and stress free living we want to provide lots of ways for people to lead healthy and happy lives.